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Memories of Muizenberg

The long-awaited exhibition, ‘Memories of Muizenberg’ exhibition opens at the South African Jewish Museum, Hatfield Street, Cape Town on Tuesday 9th March.

Comprising commentaries, personal interviews and anecdotes by former residents of, and regular visitors to, Muizenberg, the exhibition is reinforced by hundreds of carefully selected photographs that reflect the fascinating history of this famous Western Cape coastal town.

From the first settlers in the 1800’s to the colourful ‘locals’ who contributed to the town’s unique character, the exhibition highlights personalities who helped to make Muizenberg the holiday town of choice for thousands of South African families year after year. In particular the vibrant Jewish community and its involvement in every facet of life there, comes alive through a wealth of invaluable memorabilia.

The famous ‘Snake Pit’, that triangular strip of beach squeezed between the iconic bathing boxes and the promenade, on which numerous seasonal romances flourished! The white-jacketed beach photographers. ‘Brown Cows’ and ‘Coke Floats’ at Norman’s, the Hamburger Hut and the Milky Way. Swopping comics on Saturday mornings at the Empire cinema. Hypnosis by Max Collie. Talent competitions in the sunken gardens. Bopping to the music of Vic Davis and his band. Concerts at the pavilion. These are only some of the unforgettable moments that are treasured by those who consider themselves privileged to have grown up in, or frequently visited, this great but unpretentious, seaside resort.

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