The SAJM offers tours to students of all ages from pre-school to university level. We can arrange a general tour lasting about an hour, or a tour tailored to specific ages, interests and requests. Theme-specific programmes are also developed around our temporary exhibitions.

Younger learners love to explore the museum with our Dani Dreidel activity books, have a story in the shtetl and experience a Shabbat table. Specifically for upper primary level, we offer a Cultural Diversity Education Programme, which aims to create an understanding and tolerance of religious and cultural diversity within our society, to appreciate the commonalities between different cultural and religious groups and to foster respect for the dignity, rights and values of people from different religions and cultures. During the school holidays, our education programmes continue to operate, hosting youth NGO groups.


In addition, we also host special needs schools for tailor-made tours.


Our free Dani Dreidel activity books are also on offer for children who visit the museum privately.


More about the Cultural Diversity Education Programme:  


  • It is designed to support the Grades 5- 6 Life Skills, and Grades 7 Life Orientation Curricula.

  • It has been endorsed by the Western Cape Education Department.

  • It is free of charge, although donations are welcome to support visits from less privileged schools.

  • Visits from schools in underprivileged areas are fully subsidized by the SAJM and include transport, materials, post-lesson plans and a kosher meal for each student.  


The programme uses games and hands-on activities to expose learners to the ideas of religious diversity, multiculturalism and respect. In groups, learners move between four facilitated “stations” that encourage active learning, dialogue, and critical thinking. At the end, all learners and facilitators come together to reflect on their experience.  


Themes that are addressed include:

·         The main religions of the world

·         Prejudice, discrimination and xenophobia

·         Bullying

·         Religious and cultural tolerance

·         District Six and Jewish history

·         Personal values


The museum operates under strict Covid-19 protocols. Masks, sanitizing and social distancing are imperative.

•    Bus subsidies and lunch are provided for disadvantaged schools. •    The programme runs for 3.5 hours including a 20-minute break.

•    Up to 40 learners can be accommodated per visit.

  • Schools receive relevant teaching material before and after the visit.


To book for the The SAJM Cultural Diversity Education Programme please download the School Group Booking Form




The museum is very grateful to the many generous donors who support our Education Outreach, including those listed below:

Ackerman Family Foundation

Ann Kreitzer Will Trust

Anne Frank Fonds

City of Cape Town

David Graaff Foundation

Dis-Chem Foundation Goldschmidt Family Foundation HCI Foundation

Harold and Beatrice Kramer Foundation

Harry and Bertha Tuch Fund Kalman, Esther and Michael Maisel Foundation

Jack and Ethel Goldin Foundation The Donaldson Trust

Wilfred and Fay Back Charitable Trust