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Sunday - Thursday          10am - 5pm

Friday                               10am - 2pm

Saturday                           CLOSED

Jewish Holidays*             See below


Monday, 22 April                    Erev Pesach (close at 14h00)

Tuesday, 23 April                    1st day Pesach (closed)

Wednesday, 24 April              2nd day Pesach (closed)

Sunday, 28 April                     Erev Pesach (close at 14h00)

Monday, 29 April                    7th day Pesach (closed)

Tuesday, 30 April                    8th day Pesach (closed)

Tuesday, 11 June                   Erev Shavuot (close at 14h00)

Wednesday, 12 June            1st day Shavuot (closed)

Thursday, 13 June                 2nd day Shavuot (closed)

Wednesday, 2 October         Erev Rosh Hashanah (close at 14h00)

Thursday, 3 October             1st day Rosh Hashanah (closed)

Friday, 4 October                  2nd day Rosh Hashanah (closed)

Friday, 11 October                Erev Yom Kippur (close at 14h00)

Saturday, 12 October            Yom Kippur (closed)

Wednesday, 16 October       Erev Sukkot (close at 14h00)

Thursday, 17 October           Sukkot (closed)

Friday, 18 October                Sukkot (closed)

Wednesday, 23 October       Erev Shmini Atzeret (close at 14h00)

Thursday, 24 October           Shmini Atzeret (closed)

Friday, 25 October                Simchat Torah (closed)

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