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Mimesis | Moran Kliger | Solo Exhibition

COMING DECEMBER 2023: In her solo exhibition “Mimesis” at The South African Jewish Museum in Cape Town, artist Moran Kliger will present large scale, labor-intensive pencil on paper figurative drawings. At The Basement Atrium, large figurative drawings in round frames akin to windows peeking into the human unconscious feature manifestations of fear and admiration for nature. The drawings are arranged as a pictorial panorama, in which the figurative and the abstract blend, chaos threatens to take over order, the shades of gray and black are pitted against the white, and a void forms against fullness. Drawn images of the forces of darkness and light are nourished by each other and evolve from one another to create an unraveled, disconcerting space that transpires between the realistic and the imaginary.

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