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Set in Stone | Joe Turpin

COMING MAY 2024: In this solo exhibition, "Set in Stone," artist Joe Turpin presents a blend of mixed media installations and paintings. Through this diverse array of artworks, Turpin embarks on a compelling exploration of Jewish identity and history, delving into personal memories, loss, and mourning.

Inspired by the discovery of a time capsule concealed within the foundation stone of the Rustenburg Hebrew Congregation Synagogue, Turpin's body of work not only delves into his North-Western heritage but also probes the ancestry of the Jewish community as a whole, unraveling layers of his own identity and family history. In a climate marked by the resurgence of antisemitism, Turpin's exhibition assumes an educational role, raising awareness of the dangers posed by intolerance and prejudice.


Through the medium of art, Turpin seeks to foster greater understanding and respect, offering a nuanced exploration of Jewish identity and history within the South African diaspora.


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