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Kaplan Kushlick Foundation


Mendel Kaplan conceived, founded and largely funded his dream of the South African Jewish Museum as a project of the Kaplan Kushlick Foundation, with the assistance of Eric and Sheila Samson, the Nedbank Group and David Susman. The Kaplan Kushlick Foundation follows in the footsteps of the trustees’ parents who were the founders of many communal institutional projects. The Foundation stems from families who have gone beyond their own interests to answer the needs of the community in which they live as well as those of the broader community. The Kaplan Kushlick Foundation has sponsored and supported cultural and social transformation in South Africa and abroad, including the following: The Kalk Bay Community Centre; The Renewal of the West Street Synagogue, Johannesburg; King David Primary School, Sandton; Jewish War Memorial, Westpark Cemetery; Vaal Career College; The Old Yishuv Court Museum, Jerusalem; The Bucharian Quarter – Part of Project Renewal; The Jerusalem Tennis Centre; Renovation of Synagogue on the Kiryat Moriah Campus; Jerusalem University Botanical Gardens; Ra’anana Synagogue; Beth Protea, Herzlia.



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