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Community History On-Line (CHOL)

Community History Online (CHOL) is an online gathering of people interested in chronicling the personal and communal Jewish history of South Africa. 

Set up under the auspices of the Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies at UCT and the South African Jewish Museum, the CHOL forum is managed by volunteers with a deep interest in South African Jewish history.

The CHOL WEBSITE is a repository of on-line information and stories about South African Jewish communities, past and present.

The next CHOL Online Seminar sessions take place in November and December and are focused on Jewish South Africans involved in music. The seminar will consist of four weekly two-hour-long sessions with two presentations in each session.

The dates and details of the presentations are below. To register for the these sessions, please EMAIL HERE to ask for the zoom link. 

The dates and details of the presentations are below.


14 November 

12pm: How does a girl from Kimberley get to have tea with the queen – a journey in Jewish music

Speaker: Geraldine Auerbach MBE (London)

6pm: The King of Violinists in the Land of Gold – Heifetz in South Africa, 1932

Speaker: Michael Brittan (Colorado)

21 November 

1pm: The Musical Rabinowitz Family in South Africa – from cantors to the concert stage

Speaker: Eli Rabinowitz  (Perth, Australia)

7pm: At my Wits end and other beginnings – a woman composer of international acclaim

Speaker: Professor Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph (Johannesburg)

28 November

6pm: Collecting Jewish Music at (DOMUS) Stellenbosch University

Speaker: Dr Santie de Jongh Special Collections Librarian (Stellenbosch)

7pm: King Kong – the All-black musical and its all-Jewish production team 1959

Speaker(s): Mark Wade and Alan Swerdlow, (Johannesburg)

5 December

12pm: The story of the Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir

Speaker: Evelyn Green (Johannesburg)

1pm: From Kroonstad to Victor Hugo via Fleet Street

Speaker: Danielle Lockwood (Chichester)

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