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UJW - Woman of Action

BACK IN AUGUST! The South African Jewish Museum opened its latest exhibition on Thursday 23 March 2023. Women of Action: A History of the Union of Jewish Women is a distillation of over 90 years of outstanding service by hundreds of women dedicated to both the Jewish community and broader society of South Africa and Israel.

Inaugurated in 1931 and still going strong today, the Union of Jewish Women works through its branches across South Africa to improve the lives of those who need food, health and education.

The exhibition consists of a series of panels, photographs, films, plaques, brochures, books and items that document the UJW’S tireless efforts in fundraising for and establishing institutions and services ranging from soup kitchens and creches to educational bursaries, old-aged homes and counselling groups. The essence of the display is introduced by the quote on a central wall: “The Union of Jewish Women’s collective energy, creativity, commitment, camaraderie, and selflessness are an example to us all. This exhibition showcases only a fraction of the collective effort and achievements of these extraordinary women.”

The SAJM is proud to pay tribute to the women of our community who have changed countless lives for the better. Women of Action: A History of the Union of Jewish Women will run until mid-June.

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