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Helen Suzman: Fighter for Human Rights

The Helen Suzman: Fighter for Human Rights exhibition opened in November 2015. The exhibition was officially opened the Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille and guests included many past and current DA councillors as well as contemporaries of Helen Suzman from the Progressive Party era. Zille spoke eloquently about Suzman, both as a person and also of the importance of the role she played as the torch-bearer for liberal values and human rights during the darkest times of the National Party apartheid rule. The exhibition, through the use of film, photographs, letters and documents, brings into sharp focus how far we have come as a country. This exhibition was a timely reminder that the ideals for which Suzman stood remain the guiding principles for the future of our country, and her legacy remains as a shining example to us all.

The exhibition, which closed at the end of February 2016, was a redesigned and updated version of an older exhibition. This new version includes details of the final years of Suzman’s life, her legacy and a new film. The exhibition was developed by Millie Pimstone and designed by Linda Bester.

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