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Herzlia Matric Exhibition 2020

October will see the opening of our annual Herzlia Matric Art Exhibition at the museum.

This is the 5th year that we are hosting these very talented students and it will be well worth the visit.

It feels particularly special this year, since there were times (under lockdown) that it felt that a public exhibition of the work would not be possible.

This is a remarkable group of students who have spent much of their Grade 12 year learning online. It was their engaged work which showed us what was possible in the online space. One could feel defeated in the enormous challenge of translating a practical based subject like art into a virtual classroom. However, these pupils unlocked the discursive potential of their practical work, finding language to describe their work and its technical and conceptual possibilities. In this way, they kept conversation alive, immersing themselves in their practice, while thinking through their choices, diagnosing issues, and finding solutions. In some ways it may be possible to think they have developed skills that would not have been necessary in a physical space, and likely only found late in tertiary study. Of course, their work itself also inspires faith, and the exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the work. Alain de Botton reminds us, art “is a vehicle through which we can do such things as recover hope, develop empathy, laugh, wonder and nurture a sense of communion with others.”

This exciting exhibition will be on display from 12 October until 27 November.

Come and show your support!

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