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Paul Weinberg: Moving Spirit

For some years Paul Weinberg has been photographing religious rituals and spiritual practice around Southern Africa.

These include Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Islamic faiths, rituals linked to ancestral veneration and the New Age movement. Weinberg describes his approach as allowing the camera to narrate the journey of spirituality, following a diversity of events and rituals that reflect the moving spirit running through this country. “This is a personal journey,” he says. ‘I am part of a country trying to heal. In this journey I join millions of South Africans on a pilgrimage beyond politics and platitudes …in search of the transcendent spirit.”

Paul Weinberg is a South African born photographer with a strong commitment to the land and its people. His extensive body of work explores people, life and culture. His other exhibitions and projects reflect human rights issues, environment, development, and more recently, the field of HIV and AIDS.

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