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On 18 July an uplifting new exhibition opened at The South African Jewish Museum.

Touching Lives: The SHAWCO Story will mark the 75th anniversary of the Students’ Health and Welfare Centres Organisation (SHAWCO) based at the University of Cape Town (UCT). SHAWCO is a student-run non-profit organisation (NPO) whose mission is to develop communities by offering primary healthcare services, education initiatives, recreation projects and skills training.

Those attending the exhibition can look forward to films bringing SHAWCO’s history to life. Personal anecdotes and inspiring photographs illustrate the profound impact SHAWCO has made on Cape Town communities. Over seven decades UCT has strongly supported SHAWCO. Today SHAWCO is driven by over 2000 UCT student volunteers and is still a vital feature in so many lives. At the core of this exhibition is a story about people who gave of themselves and received so much more in return.
The Jewish Community of Cape Town has been a major supporter of SHAWCO since its inception. Now the South African Jewish Museum (SAJM) has collaborated with SHAWCO to acknowledge this important milestone. For the duration of the SHAWCO exhibition, from 18 July until the end of September, anyone showing a valid UCT student or employee card will get free entry into the SAJM.

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