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The Wings of the Shechinah: Herman Wald

A groundbreaking exhibition on the life and work of Hungarian Born South African sculptor, Herman Wald opened at the South African Jewish Museum on the 20th February 2012.

The exhibition traces the evolution of Herman Wald’s art through his lifetime, from his literal and realistic sculpture to the revelation of emotional space in his non-representational work.

Wald studied art in Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Paris and London, before he migrated to South Africa in 1937. He exhibited in Southern Africa and New York. He is well known for his monumental sculptures such as the Diamond Diggers Fountain in Kimberley, the monument to the Six Million Jewish Victims of the Holocaust at West Park Cemetery in Johannesburg, and the Leaping Impala Fountain in Johannesburg, commissioned by Sir Harry Oppenheimer. This exhibition will feature some 60 sculptures, preparatory artwork, drawings, and writings by the artist. Audiovisual and documentary elements will be presented.

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