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50 fibs that made south africa

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Join author, Jonathan Ancer, at this exciting book launch!

An outrageous miscellany of lies, myths, untruths, fibs and fabrications that tell the woeful history of South Africa. Aimed at offending and entertaining everyone in equal measure, this will have South Africans sniggering and spluttering into their porridge. It will also pique their curiosity.

The lies come thick and fast, like a burst sewerage pipe. Way, way back the Europeans ‘discovered’ southern Africa and found a land that was largely uninhabited. Um, no. On the other hand, Africa was a paradise before the settlers pulled in. Not quite!

Back in the darkest of ages (the 1970s!), citizens were told that there were Satanic messages if you played The Beatles songs backwards. During the civil war in Angola, there were no South African troops in that country. National icon Hansie Cronje was a paragon of virtue and integrity … until he wasn’t. President Nelson Mandela told us that we, as a nation, were ‘special’. Turns out we aren’t.

Jonathan Ancer has written, after consulting with historians and barflies, a fascinating and witty collection of the lies we’ve been told – and the lies we tell ourselves.​



Jonathan Ancer is an award-winning journalist who has worked as a reporter at The Star, a features writer for magazines, and a crossword columnist. He is the author of biographies of Craig Williamson and Pravin Gordhan. This is his sixth book. He lives in Cape Town.

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