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MUSIC & BOXING LEGEND by Barry John Cohen

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From Muizenberg underdog to American top achiever, Cedric Kushner’s life story could be a plot of a movie.


Driven by self-belief and the desire for success, he rose to the very pinnacle of the boxing and music worlds, eventually being inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame.


After a time promoting major pop icons of the 70-80s, including Fleetwood Mac, Queen and the Rolling Stones, he switched to boxing, promoting over 300 world title fights, and counted Shane Mosley and Hasim Rahman as two of his biggest successes. Donald Trump was a partner of his, and his battles with Don King were legendary.


Peppered with humorous anecdotes, Cedric’s story carries a message of hope to any parent who finds themselves in despair over their child’s inability to cope with school.

Join Alvin Kushner, brother of Cedric at this exciting book launch!


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Law, Sport & Entertainment, and CEO of CANSA, Barry started writing books after he had to close his golf museum at the Waterfront during covid.

Nearby Muizenberg neighbours, Barry is delighted to bring to life the unbelievable Hall of Fame Cedric Kushner story. Truly the American dream! 

Barry, based near Byron Bay, Australia, will be releasing three further books over the next three months.

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