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The South African Jewish Museum is committed to following strict safety protocols during this time of COVID, in the interest of all our visitors and staff.

Face coverings and hand hygiene

•    Everyone, including Museum visitors and staff, must wear a face covering over the nose and the mouth when visiting the museum, and on the campus grounds.

•    Hand sanitizing stations are available throughout the building.


Social distancing

•    In order to allow for appropriate social distancing and other safety measures, only 50 visitors will be in the museum at any given time

•    Keep a safe distance—throughout your visit, stay at least 1.5 meters apart from other people.



Anyone coming on to the campus must self-monitor for symptoms and stay home if they have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 or have had any symptoms, including:

•    Cough

•    Runny or stuffy nose

•    Shortness of breath

•    Fever

•    Difficulty breathing

•    Chills

•    Body aches

•    Sore throat

•    New loss of taste or smell

•    Nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea


During your visit, help us protect the displays in our galleries by following a few simple guidelines.

  • Please do not touch the displays. To avoid accidents, be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance from works of art, cases, and platforms at all times.

  • Please dispose of any food, drink, or gum.

  • Please silence your cell phone.


Visitors are welcome to take photographs or videos for personal, non-commercial use in the Museum, under the following guidelines:

•    Photos must be taken using existing lighting only—flash photography and the use of external lighting equipment is prohibited.

•    Photos may be taken with a hand-held camera or cell phone. Use of professional video cameras, tripods, or other equipment is not allowed.

•    We encourage uploading of photos to social media!

•    Selfie sticks are not allowed. 

•    In some cases, works on loan from other institutions or individuals may not be photographed. Such works will be clearly marked with a "no photography" icon on the label or near the work. For clarification on what is what, please consult with our information desk on the day of your visit.

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